The surge of green vehicles is the latest trend

Global warming has been the most discussed phenomenon around the world with countries being innovative and adopting the means with low emission to check global warming as well as the enormous pollution control. Indian government has come up with a plan to shift to electric cars which has virtual zero emission and ecological impact. The step is aimed to check growing pollution and global warming impact. Recently China is mulling with the idea of shifting to electric cars to overcome the pollution outburst in the nation. The government is planning to supplement the shift with countrywide infrastructure for charging stations. Besides, the government is planning to cut down the cost of lithium ion battery. The government’s ultimatum to the auto industry to shift to non polluting alternatives looks very ambitious and has raised a new competition among the innovative and manufacturing segments. This is in line with the target set in Paris agreement for 2030. Major challenge will be shifting the customers to the new segment with currently inadequate infrastructure. Major challenge is the charging station which costs around 4 lakh rupees to set up for slow charging and around 20 lakh rupees to set up fast charger. Currently the overall cost of running an electric operated car is a bit on the higher side which opens a gate of innovation in the segment and highly evolutionary.

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