Doklam standoff over Between India & China seems to have Reached its Conclusion with Both sides agreeing to pull back their troops

It has been more than two months since military standoff between India and China, two economic superpowers of south Asian Region, have been face to face at Doklam, a disputed region between Bhutan and China and strategic location among the three nations, over the construction of road by the Chinese troops. India has objected very strongly over the construction of road and stopped the Chinese forces from building a road in the region after asked by Bhutan to intervene. The land is a disputed one with both Bhutan and China claiming it to be their territory. The decision to pull off troops has been announced by ministry of external affairs a week before the top leaders of both the nations are scheduled to meet at BRICS Summit in China. It is considered as major diplomatic breakthrough after such a long standoff fearing military actions between the nations and speculations of all sorts by media all over the world. Diplomatic communication has been open since the standoff without any fruitful result dividing the world political leaders over the issue. The tension has escalated to the Indian Ocean region with both sides actively participating in naval exercises. Forces from both sides have already witnessed a non arm conflict at Ladakh region post standoff. Most notable point has been none of the party was keen for military solutions to the standoff. The peaceful resolution to the escalation on the Himalayan land frontier has brought a sigh of relief to the neighboring countries and more to the trading community in the region.

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