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Android lunches Android 8.0 Oreo features will take user experience to next label.

Android launches new Android 8.0 Oreo features of which take user experience to next label. It might come with the features of Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. It gives two tasks simultaneous execution features. It brings select text ability and recognizes it as respective field and will show related options and complete details. It also provides app shortcuts and new option to add a specialized activity. It launches new emojis stocks which are more users friendly. Notification channels provide different types of notifications based on priority. Fingerprint authorization and autofill framework will find its way. The device can be used even if updates are going on. Auto enabled and disables wi-fi based on location.

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Apple launches iPhone 8 or iPhone X

Apple launches new iPhone today at Steve Jobs Theater in California. The new device comes loaded with new eye catching features to live up with its reputation of unmatching user experience. It comes edge-to-edge display with nearly no bezels. It comes with dual rear camera. It might come with OLED screen. It could have the features of wireless charging and waterproof concept. It might also come with water resistant glass back panel. The device might have bigger role for augmented reality. It might have inbuilt HomePod. It communicates data in NFC Data Exchange Format. It supports pairing of Apple Watch with iPhone using NFC. It could also link online payments. It might come up with the features of 3D facial recognition to unlock the device and making payments. Camera might evolve to be smarter with improved scene.

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E-way bill system in GST likely to kick in from October


Late last week, India witnessed its biggest taxation reform Goods and Services Tax (GST). The GST provision, requiring any good more than Rs 50,000 in value to be pre-registered online before it can be moved, is likely to kick in from October after a centralised software platform is ready, a top official said. The provision, called the e-way bill, would be implemented after infrastructure for smooth generation of registration and its verification through hand-held devices with tax officials is ready. The full impact of GST on smartphone prices is still not completely clear, the government’s decision to impose 10% import duty on smartphones is sure to boost ‘made in India’ smartphones. The information technology platform for the e-way bill system is being developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) along with GST-Network — the company which has developed the IT backbone for the new indirect tax regime. The Centre has also decided to relax the timeline provision under which the e-way bill generated by GSTN for 20 days for goods travelling more than 1,000 km. Earlier, this was 15 days. As per the provision, GSTN would generate e-way bills that will be valid for 1-20 days, depending on distance to be travelled — one day for 100 km, 3 days (100 to less than 300 km), 5 days (300-less than 500 km) and 10 days (500-less than 1,000 km).

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